Although the first references to the use of fragrances date back to Sumerian times (approx. 3500-2000 B.C.), many researchers indicate that people used herbs (such as thyme and myrtle) much earlier. The term “aromatherapy” was coined by the French chemist Rene-Maurice Gatefosse in the first half of the 20th century, and the word itself was created by combining the words aroma(Greek for “sweet smell” or “sweet herb”) and therapie(from Greek ” treatment”).
As the origin of the word aromatherapy suggests, it is a branch of (natural) medicine that uses essential oils or other fragrances to influence our health and mood.
This field is currently developing rapidly (especially in the countries of the so-called developed West), and people practicing it introduce active substances into the patient’s body through the respiratory system (inhalations) or through the skin (compresses, massages). Essential oils have antiseptic properties, so they can be used to support antiseptic and antibiotic treatment.
So how are the essential oils used in aromatherapy obtained? The most popular methods are hydrodistillation (steam distillation) and squeezing (mainly used with citrus oils).
So let’s go back to the effect of scents on the human body. The aforementioned antisepticeffect depends primarily on the nature of the active substances. The most powerful oils in this respect include those with eugenols (cinnamon and cloveoil) and phenols (thymeoil, oregano) in the composition.
Some oils show an expectoranteffect by irritating the mucosa and increasing the release of residual mucus. In order to use of oils for this purpose, inhalations(sometimes with the addition of physiological saline) are most often used, and the group of oils with the strongest expectorant effects is, among others. eucalyptus, pine, fir and anise oil.
Juniper oil and lovage root oilhave a positive effect, among others, on the kidneys.
Aromatherapy has long been used to improve mood, health and overall quality of life. Huge amount of fragrances found in nature allows us to choose the fragrance we need and want to surround ourselves with, to our individual preferences, and the use of scented candles containing natural essential oils is an excellent entry point into the world of fragrance.
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