About us

This is what we’re surrounded by every single day: an old Warmian house with a soul located in a forest, birds singing and our children joyfully playing around us. This is where Lamium was born. As lovers of eco and slow life, as well as herbalists, we wanted to share a the mood we have every day. It is made up from evenings by the fire, herbal baths in the garden, the smell of flowers and valuable plants, which are our way to health and balance.
“Lamium” is the Latin name for luminosity – a medical, edible plant that surrounds our forest habitat. More commonly known as a “female herb”, that helps you relax, and symbolizes nature’s potential we have around us. We want to share it and inspire people to live carefully, to surround themselves with objects created with respect for our planet. The glow and aroma of our candles are a small part of everyday life that makes us stop on the run. And to recall the often forgotten, primal need for contact with nature.